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Stellia Blockchain is a new blockchain solution to bring a friendly ecosystem with the most newest technologies to his users. Stellia was written from scratch (is not based in any other blockchain project) using current and extensively tested technologies such as PHP, Python 3, NodeJS and MongoDB. Stellia Blockchain relies on a system of a maximum of 50 validators with Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus that can support short blocktime and lower fees.

  • Faster transactions: blocktime reduced from 120 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • More security and rewards: Become a validator for help us to secure our network and be rewarded for your work.
  • Tokenization: You can find STLX in some EVM compatible networks like BSC, FTM, TRX...

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How can I get STLX?

You can get STLX from mining/staking tasks or smart contracts based airdrops & DEX apps on external blockchains:

  • STLX can be obtained through mining tasks. You can generate hashes for populate RNG pools and be rewarded for that. Also, you can cross-mining STLX while you are mining your favourite (and compatible) coin.
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  • You can stake your STLX for get STLG and GSTLX. Use this tokens for voting your prefered validator or participate in the community polls.
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  • We premined 3,000,000 STLX for distribute it on airdrops over the all STLX compatible networks.
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  • Coming soon...



We are continually adding new features to Stellia. These are the most relevant ones so far:

Integrated RNG

Stellia servers can generate up to 100,000 random numbers per second, based on a cross-solution combining HW RNG, RPi 4 and miners pool.

Simple Contracts

Create simple smart contracts and tokens without development skills. Check our contract generator here.

Scalable & Secure

Stellia was built from scratch using the latest technologies like PHP8, MongoDB, Python 3 and NodeJS.


Stellia can interact with other blockchains like BSC, TRX or FTM through smart contracts, tokens and bridge servers.

STLX tokens around the blockchains


Stellia Network is a community driven and decentralized network with validators and members from all around the world.
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Easy & Fast DApps Building

Create decentralized applications based on simple JSON Smart Contract, or with PHP/Python3 Smart Contracts in near future. The CTHULU website is a good example of what you can build only with simple contracts.


Q1 2021
Stellia Genesis

- End testing period and mainnet public launchment. 200,000 STLX generated for Testnet Airdrop.
- JSON contracts, SRC10 token and staking implementation.

Q2-Q4 2021
Project development

- Stellia over BSC/TRX/FTM networks.
- NFT, SRC20 and Oracles added to simple contracts.
- Full decentralization: Light/Full/RNG nodes.

1 Year 2022

After our first year of life, we will start with exchange listing tasks:
- Listing on a major exchange.
- Add liquidity to DeFi pools on major networks like Pancakeswap, Spiritswap or Justswap.


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